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If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why?

Denise Roderick


”Greece, because I like the movie Mamma Mia. They filmed it in Greece, and the beaches were pretty, and the ocean was really blue.”


Will Bowers

Exercise Science

”Maybe Florida, it's nice. A couple of my friends live down there.”


Blake Samuels

Business Administration

”Germany. In terms of culture, it's nice because it's a safe country overall.”


Olivia Gold


”Japan, because there's a lot of interesting stuff there.”


Rhian Romain

Business Administration

”Somewhere warm, so the Bahamas. Actually, no, Jamaica. I'd go to Jamaica.”


Isaiah Brantley


“Florida, because I've always wanted to live in Florida. It's nice over there."


Theresa Duarte

Health Science

“Brazil, because I have family down there and experiencing the culture is amazing and fabulous.”


Alice Frank


”Holland, because everyone is so friendly plus the culture is amazing.”

Alice also said during the spring time the tulips are in full bloom, and her favorite painting is in The Mauritshuis museum called, "The girl with the pearl earring.”


Saudi Musa

Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

”The country I would want to go to would be East Africa, Tanzania, because that is where I was born. I came to The United States when I was very very young, when I was like 11. I haven’t had the chance to visit my country, so I would like to go back and see what I missed.”


Santiago Nuñez

Mechanical Engineering and Technology

“I would like to go to Argentina because that is where I was born, and I would like to visit my friends and family over there.”


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