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Geckos Invade LCCC: The Mystery of the Gecko Kid

Hunter Arnold | Writer

Person holding up two beaded geckos in awe.
Nova Kuntzman shows their first ever gecko ever made (left), along with a transgender pride gecko (right).

Beaded geckos have snuck their way throughout the Schnecksville campus at LCCC. And up until now, their identity had remained a mystery.

Some students have speculated on the identity of this reptilian enigma. Some say it’s multiple students. Others can’t remember their name, and a rare few believe they are the friends we made along the way. But the reality is far simpler than that.

“I started making geckos a little before school started this semester,” said Nova Kuntzman, 18, who has gone on to produce more than a hundred reptiles since the middle of January. They are made with a variety of colored beads, and woven much like a bracelet. Kuntzman hopes these handcrafted creations can help form connections with their classmates. 

“In high school, I didn’t make a lot of friends,” said Kuntzman. “And I thought a better way to make friends would be to make something. So if anyone was as awkward as me, it would act as a conversation starter.” 

Kuntzman sees no end for their colorful creations and the joy they bring to other students, like Averyll Hoch. 

“They showed me the geckos they were making, and offered to make me one,” said Hoch, who met Kuntzman at a Film Club meeting. 

Members of the club and those who frequent the WXLV Digital Media and Production Lab have grown quite familiar with the lavish lizards, with a few still surprised by its rampant growth.  

“I didn’t expect it to catch on. So it’s kinda amazing that it’s become this sort of trend,” said Film Club member Finn Beatty. 

Students can find Kuntzman at WXLV after 2 p.m., or on the Instagram account @the_gecko_kid_.


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