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Staff Writers - Spring 2023

Kevin Baur
Alina Dewindt

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Max Barajas


Aaliyah Abarca

Sarah Butkovich

Jessica Frank

Matthew Irizarry

Jazmin Ortuno

Charlotte Parsons

Joshira Perez Fernandez

Jeremiah Purvis

Veronica Querio

Idalia Rodriguez
Connor Russo

Brandon Santiago

Cassie Sarnicky

Kalman Sasdi

Olivia Schroder

Samuel Sharpe

Sophia Shuhay

Adrianna Silvestre

Julianna Vartuli

Alex Vidal Perez

Heather Zweifel

Faculty Advisor

Jessie Heimann


Do you want to see your name in The Paw Print?

Enroll in Journalism

CMN 225!

Help document student life and news while expanding your resume in the field of communications. Meet with your advisor to fit Journalism into your schedule. 


The Paw Print is a student-run online newspaper, created to bring its students and community comprehensive coverage of the news and events affecting our campus. The editors encourage interested students to become involved in the production of The Paw Print. Interested students should contact the newspaper via email at:

New stories are added twice per semester. Blogs are added weekly. The editors and advisors are the decision making body of the newspaper and govern its operations.


The publication is dedicated to accurately reporting on the activities and proceedings on campus and in the surrounding areas. Opinions and views expressed online are those of the journalists and editors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Lehigh Carbon Community College.

The Paw Print reserves the right to make changes and corrections as they are deemed fit, and will not promote or advertise any illegal products or services. The publication will not invade the privacy of people involved, and likewise, will not print anything deemed libelous or in poor taste.

The Paw Print editorial policy reflects the ethics of college journalism. The publication, both as a whole and as the journalists individually, strives to protect and uphold this policy at all costs.

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