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LCCC's "Pizza with the President" Spurs Dialogue on Student Concerns

Anthony DeVenuta │ Writer

ALLENTOWN, PA – LCCC hosts its semesterly "Pizza with the President" events at the main campus in Schnecksville, the Morgan Center in Tamaqua, the Donley Center in Allentown, and the Airport Site at Lehigh Valley International Airport. The gatherings provide an excellent platform for open dialogue between students and the college president, Dr. Ann Bieber.

This semester's sessions drew attention particularly to the rising concerns over parking availability and costs, reflecting a broader dialogue on how the campuses can better serve their student body. Margaret Rodriguez Sanchez, an SGA representative and previous attendee, found the event held at the Donley Center to be a prime opportunity for students to voice their concerns directly to the top administration.

 "It was really nice seeing the president out actually getting people's opinions on issues and actually listening to what the students care about here at LCCC," said Sanchez.

President Bieber emphasized the informal, yet constructive nature of these gatherings.

"It’s an opportunity to have something to eat and to discuss what obstacles students may be encountering," she said.

While students have access to other vehicles of communication, such as direct emails to Bieber or anonymous postings on the website, Bieber champions these events as vital for direct, real-time interaction between students and administration. They provide an actionable forum that facilitates immediate dialogue and problem solving.

"I want the students to realize they're at the center of all we do," she said.

Throughout the events, students discuss various issues, from the need for more comprehensive course offerings at satellite campuses to the logistical and financial burdens imposed by current parking arrangements. These discussions highlighted the students' desire for changes that would directly improve their educational experience.

Dr. Bieber encourages all students to participate in these sessions, stressing the importance of being heard. These meetings provide an opportunity for students to influence campus policy and make improvements in a more direct fashion.

"Give it a chance. Stop in. Let your voice be heard, whether it's a complaint, a compliment, a question you need answered, or maybe to meet a new friend."

The "Pizza with the President" events continue to be a pivotal part of LCCC’s effort to connect with students and address their concerns in a tangible and timely manner, ensuring that the college remains responsive to its community's needs.


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