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Riding Season Is Upon Us

Leonetta Torok | Writer

The PennDot Crash Facts and Statistics states that in 2022, there were a total of 3,475 accidents involving a motorcycle and 3,148 of those accidents involved injuries and 217 involved fatalities. Drivers are protected by their car but motorcyclists need to rely on their gear.

Wearing riding gear is essential to staying safe whether you are going for a long ride with your friends or commuting to school. Carrying riding gear from class to class may be an inconvenience, however LCCC’s Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator Eric Minnich says that all LCCC students are welcome to leave their riding gear in the Public Safety office. 

“We would rather you have your riding gear secured somewhere, so you have it to keep you safe while riding to and from the college.” 

On LCCC’s main campus there are designated parking spots for motorcycles, adjacent to the ARC building, in parking lot C. Additionally students with motorcycles can park in any student parking spot. There are also designated parking spots at LCCC’s Morgan Center located in Tamaqua. However, at LCCC’s Allentown Campus, there is only street parking available. 

Even though it is not required, motorcycles should also acquire a parking permit. Students are able to get free parking passes from the LCCC website under Public Safety or by visiting the Public Safety office.

“It really is for the student or anyone operating a vehicle,” says Minnich, “it's for your own protection that you have your vehicle registered with us.”

Minnich explains that a car fire took place a decade ago on LCCC’s Main Campus and because the surrounding vehicles had parking permits, the Public Safety office was able to notify the owners of the concern and have them move their vehicles to safety. 

Public Safety wants everyone to have a safe commute to and from school. Their office is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. year around, excluding major holidays. 


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