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LCCC Hosts Fall Job Fair

Keira Davies | Writer 

Lehigh Carbon Community College’s (LCCC) Career Development Center held its annual job fair on Nov. 2. The job fair is not only open to LCCC and Lehigh Career and Technical Institute (LCTI) students but also to the public.

Attendees of the job fair walked around the Community Services Center (CSC) and talked to up to 85 different employers, including Lehigh Valley Health Network and Valley Youth House. Employers filled tables with candy, business cards, and information about the company, and people had the ability to talk to employers about potential jobs and/or internships that the company offers. 

Many found potential employers in their specific field by simply going to the job fair and talking to the businesses. 

Olivia Satley, a music and sound production major and fall 2023 graduate, found a potential internship through the job fair. 

Other students found that the job fair was worth going to because of the connections that were made. 

Hannah Waterman, a second-year student and business management major at LCCC, said that the job fair allowed her to gain exposure and see what kind of companies are hiring. 

LCCC’s Career and Development Center’s Director, Kescha Bell-Ross, explains why LCCC holds a job fair. 

“The hope of the job fair and career development is to help students on their pathway to their career readiness and their pathway to their journey. We opened up to the public to connect the public and serve the community to get them employed,” Bell-Ross said.

There are always jobs in need of workers. Come to the next job fair at LCCC to find your next employer. 


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