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Kaz Brittenburg’s Art Exhibit Opens in Glass Box Gallery

Giavaughn Henriquez | Writer

Kaz Brittenburg’s art exhibit, “The Intangible Concept of Lacking,” was opened inside LCCC’s Glass Box Gallery during a reception on Feb. 7. Brittenburg, an LCCC alum, and their work brought a number of students and staff to the Glass Box Gallery on opening night. With a table full of treats, calm music, and an appreciation for art, the reception successfully entertained LCCC’s art lovers. 

Brittenburg’s exhibit includes pieces that explore their near-death experience during a past brain surgery and matters related to it, such as aphantasia and Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory (SDAM). The use of experimentation brought Brittenburg’s vision and experience to life, with objects such as X-ray scans of their brain and colorful, fake food.

“My current works begin to explore the overwhelming journey of rediscovering who I am,” said Brittenburg. “Through the sculptural medium I am deciphering who and how I am.”

The exhibit and reception were created from the efforts of Brittenburg and LCCC’s museum curator, Jeremy Siedt. Siedt applauds Brittenburg for their dedication to the exhibit and recalls the excitement of the curation process behind it.

“It’s just always an invigorating experience to be able to problem-solve to make the artist’s vision match the vision that’s in the gallery,” says Siedt. “Working with Kaz is an absolute pleasure because everything that they’ve done in their life has been dedicated to passion and honesty. When you have someone like that, the story tells itself!”

Brittenburg’s work will be open to view until Feb. 22 in LCCC’s Glass Box Gallery. LCCC encourages everyone to stop by and appreciate the thoughtful art while it lasts.


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