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Words From The Editor

Matt Beck | Editor

I'm not much for words without the motivation from an image.

Being a visual learner, I escape by simply imagining.

My favorite way of conceiving an idea is to put myself in someone else's shoes.

I guess you could technically call that empathy or perspective. But to me it’s my reality every single day.

Sometimes I hate it; sometimes I love it. Sometimes it becomes so real to me the words just come flowing out.

Living your life behind a lens isn’t for every visual learner. For myself, it’s all I’ve known, what I’ve programmed myself to be able to do.

I react differently in situations that most might think to hold little value. I’m a believer that every single person has a story worth telling.

I intend on telling them and helping them get appropriately described.

Big or small.

You’ll always see my passion for visuals.


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