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What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Nathali Acevedo | Writer

If I could go back in time and talk to my younger self, I would hold her hand and sit down with her. I would tell her she is, in fact, a beautiful girl, inside and out, but the beauty that comes from within shines through, and one day that light that she can't see or understand right now will change lives around her.

I would remind her that I know that feeling of nervousness, of being afraid of trying something new and starting something that feels foreign to your mind and body and not wanting to finish.

I would tell her that I know that feeling is called: ''fear of failure'', and it's okay to feel the feels, but they, in fact, do not define her, that she is more substantial and more innovative than she gives herself credit for and it's okay to voice those feelings when she feels that way, she is not a burden.

I would tell her that even though I know she's scared to go to that ballet class because she is afraid to fail or go to that guitar class. After all, she's anxious to play in front of others that seem to be better, that it's okay. That she will get better because we all started somewhere, and I know there is so much more she is capable of if she keeps going.

I would tell her about how she helped me overcome many obstacles in life, and even though she is too young to understand, I would say to her I think about her often. Her spirit actually still lives inside of me (my younger self would probably be so confused).

I would show her a picture of my kids and how much I'm reminded of her when I see them playing. I would show her the image that makes me the proudest, being a mom going to school to pursue her dreams and keep inspiring others to do the same. I would tell her that I have failed classes and even thought about giving up, but I've kept going because of us; I want to make her proud one day. Lastly, I would tell her that it is possible, anything, everything, and even on those days she can't seem to figure out why she feels the way she does, it will get better, we will go places, and I'm cheering for her.

Lastly, I would remind her that life is not only about our wins but about our failures and learning to get back up. Like when we fell off our first bike that one day, remember?. I would show her that one bruise on our knees we both share and remind her how that, it didn't stop us from keep riding it the next day. That's what life is about.

I would hug her and remind her that she is so, so loved, worthy, and capable, take a deep breath together and remind her she can and will do big things. Keep swimming.


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