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What Are Students Listening to?

Song: Kazino by BIBI

"I am more connected to the music video and the meaning behind it. It raises awareness for sex trafficking” - Lyana Cintron, early college student

Song: Vampire by Dominic Fike

"It's upbeat." - Elizabeth Ferrer, Fine Arts, first year student.

Song: Lopove by Maja Suput, featuring Dragi

“I'm going over to see my family and I want to learn their language.” - Marko, Computer Forensics and Digital Security, first year student.

Song: 3 nights by Dominic Fike

Noah Weller, Graphic Design, second year student.

Song: Not the Same by Sagun

“It's just chill. It relaxes me.” - Alex Bolton, Robotics Program.

Song: It's a Vibe by 2 Chainz

"It's calming" - Shemar Clarke, Business Administration, second year student.

Song: What a Wonderful World by Reuben and the Dark x AG

Hannah Horvath, Biology, first year student.

Song: Instrumentals he made.

“I created it, and the synths sounds nice” - Jeremiah Torres, music and sound production, second year student.

Song: One More Love Song by Mac DeMarco

“I like the vibe.” - Andreas Borelli, Engineering, first year student.

Song: Moonlight by TWICE

“It’s really catchy and it’s a feel good song. The lyrics are assertive. ‘Girl boss energy’” - Jace Mary, Physics, second year student.


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