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Wellness Wednesdays wins student support

Maura Mahmood | Writer

Throughout the pandemic, many students have found themselves trapped in a lull and are struggling to keep afloat with their personal needs.

Notes outlining types of wellness through hand drawn designs.

This semester at Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC), a new seminar called Wellness Wednesday is being hosted weekly by LCCC's Fitness and Wellness Specialist, Patrick Cassidy, and a Learning Specialist at the school, Michael Spinks.

“We make these New Year’s resolutions with these good intentions but we don’t really have the nuts and bolts to make them stick,” said Michael Spinks. “As human beings, we kind of fall back into old habits, we have these great ideas but no plans.”

The program was started at the beginning of this spring semester to give members of the LCCC community from all walks of life knowledge, resources, and techniques to improve their wellness.

“We all want to improve but often we don't have the knowledge or support to guide us through that improvement,” said Spinks. “Wellness Wednesdays provides insights and structures for people who want to take those steps.”

Students and faculty can gain information on many aspects of wellness from these meetings; a new topic is presented and discussed at each seminar, exploring ideas like social wellness one week and environmental wellness the next.

Radiaya Hardiman, an attendant of the weekly meetings, said that she has gained “an overall understanding of what it means to be well, as far as improving myself spiritually, physically, mentally, in all aspects.”

This program gives attendees opportunities to grow in themselves as well as in a small community within LCCC.

Meetings occur every Wednesday at 2:30 PM in Berrier Hall and on Zoom; weekly emails from LCCC’s Student Life are sent to students with reminders and meeting information.


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