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The D&L Trail Opens The Door Into Nature

Samuel Sharpe | Writer

The D&L Trail during Spring, photo taken by Samuel Sharpe.

Do you feel like you're wasting the opportunity that a summer day brings? Well, look no further than the Delaware and Lehigh (D&L) Trail.

The D&L Trail covers the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, stretching over many different towns and communities, and connecting people from all across the east coast. The trail is covered by nature throughout, but also allows access to many different cities.

“The D&L Trail is remarkable not just for its 141-mile length, but also for the diversity of scenery and the dozens of communities it traverses on its journey from Bristol, in the Greater Philadelphia region, to Mountain Top, nestled in the Appalachians,” wrote Laura Stark, a lead writer and editor for Rails to Trails magazine.

Many people use The D&L Trail, not just Pennsylvanians.

“II’ve met many people from Maryland, and many others from different parts of the east coast,” said Debra, a Pennsylvania native who’s been riding the D&L Trail for a little under 10 years.

The D&L maintains and improves the quality of the trail, not only by expanding the trail and connecting cities together, but also with maintenance of the trail for clear and safe use for riders. Debra explained that anytime she sees a fallen tree branch or some other obstruction of the trail, she sends a picture of it to the maintenance crew, who are then quick to clean it up.

The D&L Trail allows access to anyone who is looking for a safe and diverse escape into nature. Whether you’re an experienced biker who wants to travel the whole 141-mile distance, or just want to go on a short walk, the D&L Trail allows for endless opportunities to embrace nature.

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