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The curtains close. The lights go out. Reality hits. Look around you. Look at what was taken. Thanks to Covid, dreams and aspirations are now dying on stages where I saw a lot of them start. The will for these venues to keep moving forward is getting harder and harder every day.

This isn’t just about saving the stages. It’s about saving ourselves. We come from different backgrounds, but we know that music moves us. I’ve seen its power at the highest level. Nothing compares to the audience in symphony, feeling like you aren’t alone when that chorus plays out. It’s funny, I can relate to something I can’t physically touch more than my own family.

Prior to the pandemic, I captured these performances through photography. I started bringing my camera into shows, and that opened up a whole world that let me see just how great I am. Now, I don’t mean this in a condescending way. I mean it because I’m someone who’s become “successful” for doing what I truly love.

My dream used to be to look down from a stage and just see the crowds. I’m proud I made this dream happen. I’m still willing to do anything for that dream, and that love doesn’t change when those lights go out. This year has been hard for us dreamers, but don’t give up. Whatever your dream, don’t let it die. Live for tomorrow and work hard today.


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