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Runner’s Club Commencing at LCCC

Haley Aleman | Writer

Springing into existence in substitution for LCCC’s lack of a track team, the Runner’s Club takes on a less competitive attitude towards college athletics. 

At 2:30 p.m. every Monday, meetings for the LCCC Runner’s Club take place on the lower level of Berrier Hall, right outside of classroom four. 

Emma Miller, founder and current president of the Runner’s Club finds running to be therapeutic and a great activity for burnt out students.

“[Running] is a great outlet for stress relief and it’s honestly one of the main ways that I’m able to get through college,” Miller said.”Being able to go out on a run, and let your mind wander, it’s really just the best feeling.”

With meetings welcome to all, during its runtime, there are two phases: first, a communal discussion, followed by a 30 to 40 minute run. The focus of the discussion is geared towards welcoming newcomers, as to not exclude any beginning runners. The run loops around the scenic view of the main campus.

Being a pastime that requires relatively no equipment, with a promise to strengthen muscles and build strong bones all while improving cardiovascular health, running is the perfect hobby for anyone in a time crunch with a wish to stay active. And what better way to pick up a new interest than among peers?

Intending to leave behind an impression that outlasts her stay at LCCC, in true founder fashion, Miller is attempting to produce a club with sponsored activities that can establish itself on its own after she graduates.

“I’m trying to work on building it up and getting more people to join so that way next year [underclassmen] can take it over and hopefully continue along with it,” she said.

So, in the name of the next generation of runners, take a Monday afternoon to strap on some sneakers, venture across campus, and give this club some traction! 


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