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New Indie Book Has Us Falling in Love with Hope

Alina Dewindt | Writer

Books being discussed on social media have been on the rise this year, and a bunch of young authors has been publishing their own works for everyone to read. However, this young author has taken her own story the extra mile.

“I Fell in Love With Hope,” is a new beloved book by indie author, Lancali. It tells the story of 5 chronically ill teenagers, Sam, Sony, Neo, Hikari, and Coeur, as they try their very best to cheat death. However, death, as we know it, is inescapable.

The story focuses on friendship, romance, and tragedy, and contains many Shakespeare references. But it also follows these beloved characters on their wild adventures up until their last. Lancali provides readers with an insight into what it’s like to be chronically ill.

But why should you buy this book?

Easy! The characters are easy to relate to. From Sam, who struggles to open up to someone because of their traumatic past, to Sony, who likes to live her life to the fullest, despite her failing lungs.

I fell in love with this novel when Lancali first announced it on TikTok in 2020. Now, the book is getting a lot of praise, after becoming a bestseller on Amazon, and she has done a Ted Talk in London.

This book has made me laugh and cry a bunch of times. So I hope everyone will buy her book and enjoy it just as much as I did.


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