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Letter from the Editor

Cheyanne Beaumont | Writer

Selfie of Cheyanne.

So, it’s that time… applying to transfer schools. I never really thought that I’d get this far and I almost forgot that deadlines exist. That is unusual behavior for me! I’m usually so on top of things that I feel like a micromanager, but it’s helped me up until this point.

I didn’t expect to have to write so many essays about who I am and my life because, well, I buried a majority of it. At some point, in my typical micromanaging style, I boxed up and shelved past experiences. Not to be ignored mind you, but exactly for this, to return to and flick through like files in a cabinet. It was a healthier strategy than dwelling on everything. 

The self-reflection that occurred while writing essays for various schools resulted in the same conclusion. I thought, “Hey, maybe you’re not so bad. Maybe you are cool!” On paper it kind of sounds pathetic but stick with me. 

Despite academic and professional success, I’ve always had imposter syndrome. Coming from one place, one family, one social and political narrative, I never felt like I had anything that distinguished me from the potential of others, or that I certainly belonged in a space. I also never accepted compliments and praise from people trying to explain to me that I was great or deserving.

But when poised with quite literally having to share all the details of your life and what makes you interesting, you get reacquainted with yourself and who you are. At least, that’s the experience I had. The really beautiful part for me was that with that being said, there’s so much more to me that I couldn’t fit in the essays. We’re all so dynamic and nuanced, with layers upon layers that make up the spirit of who we are, the kaleidoscope is vibrant and beautiful. Beyoncé said it best: “Unique, that’s what you are.” How profound it is to be human, existing at the same time as you, in your own beauty. And how grateful I am.

So as you possibly navigate your transfer application process or prepare for graduation, take a moment to really trace through your journey. It was you who got you here, it’s okay to appreciate that. Remember who you were, who you are now, and all the bountiful possibilities of where you’re going. 

And if no one’s told you lately: I’m proud of you.


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