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LCCC Will Host Virtual Graduation (again)

With CDC restrictions still in effect, LCCC plans to host another virtual graduation in May 2021.

According to Benjamin Turrano, Admissions Representative for the Morgan Center, the LCCC school board made the decision earlier this year.

“LCCC will be hosting a virtual graduation just as last May’s graduation was,” Turrano said. “Students will be submitting pre-recorded words from the graduates while they receive their diplomas and turn their tassels. These videos will be played over a virtual session for the faculty and family members far and wide.”

Turrano explained that the graduates’ names will be read as well as the degree that will be conferred. While this is happening, students will appear on screen. There will be brief pauses in between for remarks from guest speakers.

Nastassia Orach, a dual enrollment student from Tamaqua Area High School who is about to graduate, expressed her thoughts on a virtual ceremony.

“Everyone has that idea set in their mind about walking up to receive your degree, but obviously that isn't exactly fully possible at the moment,” Orach said. “I wouldn't mind a unique ceremony; I think it would fit well into how unconventional our schooling has been for the past year.”

For those students who plan to graduate, many different measures must be taken to ensure that they are prepared for the months to come as graduation grows near. Students should have already received an email from the college prompting them to fill out the official paperwork. When submitting their graduation paperwork, students must include a copy of their degree evaluation review. Information about ordering a cap and gown will be sent at a later date.


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