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LCCC Students Show Off Their COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

“I felt that it was important to get vaccinated to protect myself and the people around me from family, to friends, to even strangers.”

Amber Kalnas

“Half of the reason I got the vaccine was because my grandfather is someone who’s at high risk since he’s in remission and lives with me. The other half of the reason is because getting the vaccine felt like something I should do since I was given the chance to.”

Enaijah Otero

"I got vaccinated to protect those around me and protect my body."

Otávio Santos de Albuquerque

“Getting the vaccine was a no-brainer for me. My family always comes first and in order to keep them safe and healthy, I got vaccinated. This vaccine has reduced my anxiety and made me feel like a better, stronger person. Get vaccinated!”

Jasmyn Romanishan

“I got the covid vaccine because I felt it was the responsible decision not only for myself but for people around me. Also mainly so I could see my mom because my stepdad has a pacemaker and I don’t want to risk the slightest chance of giving him the virus. Thanks to the vaccine, I can see my step dad and mom after a year of being without them.”

Dalton Hoffman

“I wanted to get my vaccine because I wanted to start a path to normalness and I don't feel tired or exhausted but I feel awesome knowing I have been vaccinated.”

Dennis Paul


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