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Horror Movies Need To Be Included In The Oscars

Alina Dewindt | Editor

Growing up, horror movies were the norm in my household. Ever since I was a child, I remember watching movies like "Scream" and "Halloween.” Not only are they iconic in pop culture, but they express a unique kind of storytelling.

Although horror movies have been around for years, they have been ignored in award shows like the Oscars (not even getting a category). But why do the Academy Awards not recognize horror cinema?

Well, the Academy Awards have a complex relationship with horror films. While there have been a few nominations for Best Picture (i.e. “The Exorcist''), “The Silence of the Lambs” was the only horror movie to win the coveted award. The Academy Awards recognize films that are more broadly considered "respectable and proper" to be nominated for most categories. Unfortunately, they see horror films as the opposite.

But what about the people who work on these horror films? Shouldn’t they be nominated or win at the Academy Awards?

Well, of course, they should! Horror movie actors and actresses are required to deliver complex performances that involve high levels of emotion and physical intensity on the big screen. In horror films, the characters are often put into extremely stressful situations, and the actors are tasked with bringing these scenarios to life in a believable and captivating way–just like other non-horror actors. Sissy Spacek, who was in one of my favorite horror films, “Carrie,” not only gave an emotional and brilliant performance as the character in the title but made me relate to her character as a child who went through bullying in school.

However, the fact that most horror actors and actresses are not getting the recognition they deserve from the Academy Awards is insane to me.

Keep in mind, recognizing outstanding horror films through the Oscars with nominations and awards would not only elevate the genre but also acknowledge the hard work and creativity of the filmmakers and actors involved in their creations.


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