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Fun in the Sun on a Budget

Emma Saylor | Writer

As the cold mornings and even colder nights begin to come to a close, summer time presents itself, adding a new-found serotonin in our bodies, and creating excitement for vacations, water parks, and picnics in the sun. But as the prices of gas, food, and clothing continue to rise, and our bank accounts pay the price, how can one have fun this summer without breaking the bank?

A college student at East Stroudsburg University wondered the same thing as spring break approached and his Miami plans began plummeting his bank accounts.

“I saved up a ton of money last summer,” he said. “And I controlled my spending habits because I knew I was going on a trip this spring break.”

Finding time to work during the summer is not always the easiest option for teens planning their perfect year of fun in the sun. When spending so much time with friends and family begins to take over during those summer months, it creates an issue with making time for work–which is why working during the winter months has its benefits.

“On average, summer is the second most expensive season of the year,” said Mike Brown, a writer at Lendedu. “Poll participants spend an average of $2,229 in the summer, while spending $2,314 in the winter, $2,064 in the fall, and $1,952 in the spring.”

Working during the school year– babysitting on the weekends, mowing the lawn for a neighbor, or anything to get your hands on some extra cash– will allow more time spent in the sun and less time sitting at home wondering what you could have done differently to go out and enjoy this summer.


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