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Farewell, Lehigh Carbon Community College

Adriana Silvestre | Writer

It is finally here; the end of the semester has approached, thank the heavens.

Before you take the final steps off campus, take a minute and bask in the glory, this is it. You are all done. No more classes, no more waking up early rushing to school, and most importantly, NO MORE homework!

For all the students graduating, may the next chapter be filled with success and happiness. Be sure to celebrate this accomplishment and enjoy the moment. For many of you, this may be the last step. Good luck on your next endeavor wherever you go and wherever you end up. Be sure to take a piece of LCCC with you.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff that came to work every day, rain or shine, and made it possible for the students to get a well-rounded education. Thank you for what you have done and for making classes enjoyable.

I want to thank the professors who have guided and helped me figure out why I was going to school in the first place. To Professor Jessie Heimann and Professor Destinee Manley, thank you for turning a shy student into a student ready to tackle the next four years as a Communication Science and Disorders major. Thank you for playing a part in my educational career.

Enjoy the summer, and take the opportunity to make memories and prepare for what is yet to come.

This is Adriana Silvestre signing off for The Paw Print.


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