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Escape From Your Reality

Joshira Perez Fernandez | Writer

A hobby is something we do for fun that eventually becomes a habit. Many students want to be involved in activities that will help them forget about their issues at school or at home. Instead of doing something because someone is influencing their thoughts and beliefs, many students want to do it for their own entertainment. A hobby is motivated by an interest, it usually involves effort and practice.

Many people have different hobbies such as cooking, reading, playing games or watching TV. In my free time I like to learn how to cook. Two months ago, I started watching TikTok and YouTube reels of Dominican traditional dishes. As a child, I was never taught how to cook, so I like to practice on my own time. I started preparing whatever meal I thought looked good, and I love creating new dishes. I play my salsa playlist, start cooking, and even though I'm still new at this, I noticed that cooking is not that difficult if you are consistent.

“We achieve the best results when we whole heartedly concentrate on the task at hand – and a hobby can help you achieve the necessary clarity of mind,” according to Sylvia Kohl, an IT instructor with more than 7 years of professional experience.


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