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Embracing Your Inner Child

Sarah Butkovich | Writer

When we were younger, the world seemed to be a vast plane of existence. There was adventure around every corner, and the possibilities were limitless with mythical animals, futuristic technology, and magic beyond our wildest dreams. Those were good times.

Now we are meant to be adults. Be the foundations of our society and act like grown ups. No time for games just work, It's depressing. Sometimes all we need is a break. It's okay to embrace your inner child and do something childlike when your schedule is open and you don't have a lot of work to get done.

It is not bad to be interested in things that may appear childish. You can still enjoy watching movies like "Princess and the Frog" or kid cartoons like "Bluey" as an adult. You can never be too old to enjoy animation. The same is true for video games. It's wonderful to have nostalgia for old games, seeing if you remember the controls and remembering areas where you got stuck for hours. That's something I enjoy doing with the "Kingdom Hearts" series. Finding places where I remember rage quitting because the boss was too difficult to kill.

Another acceptable behavior is collecting kid toys. Plushies of all types of animals, action figurines of your favorite characters, toy cars based on your favorite vehicles, and so on. Creating collections of toys that bring you joy is always a good thing, especially if you can play with them, such as "Nerf gun" collections that allow you to have a Nerf war with your friends.

It might feel childish, but if you're having fun, I say go for it. Go watch those kid cartoons, collect those kid toys, go out and play with your friends and have a good time! Appreciate your inner child and take a break from all of your responsibilities. If you only do work, you will work yourself to death! Always remember it’s important to take a break and have fun. The kid within you will be grateful.


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