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Don’t Feel Stuck

Eleonora Hiotis | Writer

As college students, we’ve all felt overwhelmed by an uncertain future. But some tend to have little motivation to move forward thus remaining “stuck.” Changes that college students go through can be exciting, but productivity can be difficult with little motivation.

Overthinking the inevitable doesn’t help either, but a change in mindset may be all you need. A positive outlook can help even if it's towards the little things.

In general, it’s easy to overthink and fall into an unproductive mindset, but here are some small habits you can form to combat this.

To begin, it helps to have a clear head. Something as easy as going for a walk or meditating isn’t much, but they can be so effective. It may take some mental push to actually go and do these “silly” things, but afterward, you will feel so much better.

Another easy thing to do is to focus on your goals. Creating a list or vision board of your long-term and short-term ambitions can help give you the motivation to achieve these goals. Then you can determine what steps are needed to get there. Break the larger goals into smaller, more manageable ones to make them easier to complete.

Although mustering up motivation can be difficult sometimes, it helps to have a positive outlook and a plan in mind, in order to find success.


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