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Catty’s Neighborhood Spot: Grove Street Pub

Makenna Delucia | Writer

Exterior of Grove Street Pub
Image courtesy of Grove Street Pub’s Facebook page.

Grove Street Pub, formerly the Blue Monkey, located at the corner of Howertown and Grove Street in Catasauqua, has revamped the culinary scene in Catty, impressing staff and locals alike. 

Trisha Bloszinsky, one of the hostesses at Grove Street Pub, said the team works hard to create a sense of camaraderie and support at the eatery. 

"It's the first job that makes me feel like part of a family," said Bloszinsky. "They foster a positive work environment.” 

According to Bloszinsky, the company's owner and managers care about their employees' well-being, ensuring they feel valued and included.  

Grove Street Pub's manager, Daniella Vasquez, handles daily operations. Vasquez is passionate about maintaining the pub's welcoming atmosphere, constantly looking for ways to improve guests' and employees' experiences. She regularly asks guests and employees for feedback. Vasquez also organizes team-building activities. She mentioned their Christmas potluck and gift exchange this past year. 

Grove Street offers seasonal holiday specials and nightly dinner specials. 

"I think our customers enjoy our nightly dinner specials and holiday specials," Vasquez said. It offers new choices so every dining experience is original. We want our customers to be happy, and never bored of our menu!"

Their menu also incorporates many affordable options that are perfect for any college student on a budget. 

"Everything at Grove is reasonably priced,” Vasquez said.” There are appetizers for under $10. On Tuesdays, wings are $1 each."

 Vasquez believes that "food in general keeps customers coming back. Specials offer spontaneity and new flavors." 

Although Grove Street is located in a small town, Vasquez says it "stands out among the rest. Our original recipes, charming service, and family atmosphere separate us from the rest." 

The location has a positive impact on the business, in her opinion. 

"Located in North Catasauqua, the restaurant has an atmosphere of family and friends because the town has an atmosphere of family and friends,” she said. “After all, we are the neighborhood place!"


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