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Bethlehem’s Ice House Melts This Spring With Hottest Lehigh Valley Talent

Benjamin Alden | Writer

Since its renovation as a performing arts center in the 1990s, the Charles A. Brown Ice House in Bethlehem has given a home to comedy troupes, variety acts, and a wide array of musical talent. 

“It’s one of those spaces where so many people, great people that I’ve met, rent it out,” said comedian and musician Matt Asti. “I think even anyone can rent that space and just put on a great show, do their own ticketing… it’s just the best local space for people.”

The Ice House, situated next to Sand Island Park, provides two stages, audio and lighting equipment, a greenroom for performers, and holds a multitude of events every month, such as a medley of performances by Cold Fusion Comedy and musicals by the Pennsylvania Youth Theatre. 

Asti praised the Ice House’s dedication to performers while explaining ticket pricing at an upcoming production for the Pennsylvania Youth Theatre.


“That money goes to the performers, that money doesn’t go to the Ice House… if people can go out there, they’re supporting artists directly,” he said.

Performances at the Icehouse come from all creative walks of life.  Andy Pollack, a comedian and the showrunner for Cold Fusion Comedy, mentioned Native American Dancing, poetry, a wide variety of musical performances, and even cyr wheeling, an acrobatic performance involving a large metal hoop. 

“I’m always looking for stand-up and improv… but what I’m looking for most especially is variety acts,” Pollack said.

 To attend one of the many performances or inquire about the space itself, visit the Ice House’s official website,


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