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Beginning To Let Go Of Social Media

Samuel Sharpe | Writer

The challenge of finding balance on social media proves itself to be a very difficult one. With platforms designed to be addictive, breaking free from social media is like fighting an addiction.

My desire to let go began when I realized I had a problem. I used social media the same way for years and I never thought anything of it.

I mostly used social media as a reminder of missing out; it was fuel to a fire of feeling worse. If I wanted to feel justified in my jealousy, all I had to do was check Snapchat or Instagram. If I wanted to feel justified in thinking I’ve fallen behind in life, I had to check Instagram or YouTube and see people who have accomplished so much more than I could.

I’m still trying to make progress; at times I do fall back on social media the same way I used to, but I have made choices that are beginning the process of letting go.

A turning point in my relationship with social media was deleting Instagram from my phone. I still use Instagram on my laptop, but I no longer find myself aimlessly scrolling through the discover page or checking the app every chance I have.

I have a long ways to go in terms of letting go of social media, but one day I will have a healthy relationship with it (if that is even possible).


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