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Academic challenges; Where Do I Go From Here?

Averyll Hoch | Writer

For those students who need some help getting on the path to success and career readiness, LCCC has a department dedicated to just that! At the Schnecksville campus, located in the Student Services Center, there is a department dedicated to helping students find a career that best works for them and aids in the process of getting there. The Career Services Center helps students and alumni form resumés and cover letters. For those students who are virtual, there is also the option of the Cougar Claw, which is an online job and internship search platform created by LCCC to help students find openings in companies.  

Setting up an appointment with the Career Services Center or setting up your account for the Cougar Claw will only take about five minutes on average to complete. This makes the services that are available to both students and alumni readily accessible and easy to attain. Should any issues arise in the online process students can either email the administrator in charge or they can always walk in and meet with someone in person to schedule a meeting to resolve the issue. Do not fear, the LCCC staff is always ready to help its students reach their goals, succeed in pursuing a career, and attain a degree.

Photo courtesy of Pexels, photo by Kampus Production


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