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A Forlorn Farewell

Ava Rosario | Writer

Well, I’m finally graduating, and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Bittersweet is an understatement. I always thought I would feel so satisfied at the end of it all. Two years of hard work, and now I’m on the horizon of my future. I completed two internships and created a portfolio. I should be excited, but all I can feel is this sense of dread.

It’s funny, because I was more than happy to leave high school and never look back. I think it’s the fact that I only got a taste of in-person classes this semester.

I spent 3 semesters in Zoom meetings, only knowing people through the digital frame they appeared in every class. It’s not bonding. I wasn’t attached.

But this semester meant really getting to know people. I did group projects. I joined the Film Club and made friends. Friends I now have to say goodbye to.

Truly, this feels like my first semester. I want to do it all over again this way. I’ve never been a school person, but I want a redo more than anything. All of the same classes, just with people this time.

The pandemic made me forget how fulfilling human interaction can be. I’m thankful my peers persuaded me to try in-person classes this semester; I finally got the college experience I always wanted. Not only was I happier this semester, but the benefits showed in my grades too. A classroom will forever be more engaging than a video chat.

So, I guess this is my goodbye. To any remote students out there: if you’re on the fence about being on campus, try it out. The memories you make will stay with you forever.


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