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An old normal education

To say the least, my education was not like most growing up.

From seventh grade to my high school graduation, I was a homeschooled student. Every day my curriculum was built around live lessons, online work through their own programs, and a lot of emails. Face-to-face was not the norm for me, and when I considered my options to further my education, I knew I wanted a more traditional setting.

Imagine my shock when COVID-19 hit right before my last semester at LCCC, and I was tossed back into an online social format. It was not a situation I wanted to be in again, but thankfully for my sake, it was not all that foreign and more like embracing an old friend I had not talked to for some time.

As Spring slowly began to transition to online, and my life was taken back in front of a computer screen, I was not all that thrilled. As I built my Fall schedule, I knew I would want to see my instructors face to face, and having just signed up for a theater class I longed for the possibilities of what that could have been. Having now been in it for seven weeks, I can say that Zoom is a nice return to form for me, and though it is not what any of us wanted, it is good to make the best of the situation we are in.

Our instructors are trying so hard to make this as “normal” of an experience as they can, and I can say that they deserve all the credit. And for that theater class? Turns out it is just as engaging and fun as I thought it could have been face to face, and all my other instructors have made great strides to keep thing as engaging as they can for the setting.

Most of us are all new to this, but maybe this setting is not all that bad? Change is not always good, but sometimes it is necessary.

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