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Step into an essential worker's life

Welcome to Giant, where our employees will always be there for your satisfaction. If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask us questions.

You may wonder what it is like to be an essential worker -- and it’s brutal. You thought it was all rainbows and sunshine? Think again.

I deal with so many rude customers that you wouldn’t believe; an older woman yelling in your face for accidentally putting her gallon of milk with her shampoo in the same bag, various phone calls from dissatisfied customers complaining why they aren’t getting all of their grocery items, the list goes on. In my opinion, customers should be glad that people like me work 40 hours a week at a grocery store and try their best to fulfill the customers' needs. Every time I go into work I always ask myself “what’s it gonna be this time, an unhappy customer yelling at me through the phone or some peace and quiet?” By now, you should be able to decipher what the answer is. Shockingly, people ask me “how do you do it?” Well, it takes a lot of patience -- you may think having patience is an easy feat, but trust me, having customers come up to you and ask the same questions will drive you insane. I try not to pull my hair out from the insanity and I forcefully put on a smile to answer the questions as best as I can.

We essential workers don’t mean to be fake happy, but let's be real, it’s the only way for the customers to go away. The only thing that I dreadfully look forward to is receiving an Oscar for my great acting skills.

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