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Which fictional character had the greatest impact on your life?

“Harry Potter is like a role model to me and is inspirational” - Zoey Seidel, student

“It has to be Susie from Rugrats. To see someone who looked like me on television was really big for me, and I noticed that even at a very young age. I grew up being the minority in a lot of situations so being that young, I could relate to her strong and independent character. I thought it was awesome to see someone who looked like me on T.V. but also portrayed as really influential and dependable.” -Laveranda Jarnagin, student

“I would say Stitch because Lilo invited him into their home and treated him like family. It taught me that someone can bring you in and they can treat you better than your own family.” -Shimoy Slater, student

“I’d say Nani, because my little sister is literally my Lilo. She can be a pain but at the end of the day obviously I love her and I’m always going to stick up for her… I feel like she’s a perfect example of what a big sister should be.” -Shawnea Slater, student

“Patrick Star because I find enjoyment in his stupidity. His stupidity leads to a good outcome for him in the end regardless so you could do what you want without worrying about other people’s judgment.” -Jionmyx Constanza, student

“Spider Man because he was always facing greater odds and always having to hide his face from fear but still stood up for things that seemed impossible and fought for all that he could.” -Jordan Cordero, student

“Spider Man because he was able to show weakness and vulnerability but was still superhuman. He didn’t have a father figure and neither did I, and he was still able to save his city even against the odds.” -Chanaly Rodriguez, student

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