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LCCC offers theater classes

Photo by Jasmyn Romanishan

Students practicing for the showcase.

There is no shortage of drama at Lehigh Carbon Community College. Professor Ben Peruso’s theater courses offer everything from the history of theater arts to performing in front of a live audience.

Peruso teaches Intro to Theater Arts and Acting I to anyone interested in theater. Peruso noted that the classes are transferable and the extra skills look great on a transcript. The classes don’t have to be taken consecutively but students are trained to be in the acting or theater profession. Students who are a part of these classes will learn the ins and outs of theater as well as experience performing.

“We are working towards a progressive program that will eventually be full-scale performances,” Peruso said.

Students will have the chance to perform a showcase that includes snippets of plays. The showcase gives students the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience without putting together an entire production. These small showcases are put on at the end of the semester and are open to the public. They are performed in the school’s auditorium.

In Acting I, students perform, create resumes, get their headshot photos taken, and register with an agency to get work. Past students have worked on television shows and been in full productions.

The theater classes are available for anyone to take, not just theater or film majors. To learn more about these courses, contact Professor Peruso at

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