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Craving summer year-round

Living in Pennsylvania is beautiful, but I can definitely say goodbye to the icy roads, freezing temperatures, and winter blues. Winter with a white Christmas and sparkling snow isn't that bad, but winter's beauty has run its course for me. I miss wearing flip-flops and feeling free. Life is so much better in the summer. I love sunny days, and I want to live the rest of my days in a warm climate. I am done with the cold.

I'm ready to say goodbye to the harsh winters and hello to year-round beach trips, vacations, and driving with the windows down. I want to wake up to the birds chirping and sunshine every morning. These 4 p.m. sunsets are getting old.

Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state. However, when I graduate college, I'll be excited to move to an area where it is warmer. I dream of California beaches and summer year-round one day, one day very soon.

I'll be sure to visit PA in the summer to see the nature and beauty of my home state, but I'll be overjoyed to fly back to where it is warm and not have to shovel or scrape frozen windshields.

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