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Words From the Editor

Laurisa Gruver | Editor

When I look outside, I see green grass and pink buds in the trees. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and admire the endless blue sky. I take time to enjoy my walks through the campus because I know there are few left. Summer is coming, and it’s bringing change.

A time of transition is approaching for me and many other students at LCCC. Everything has gone so fast these past two years, so fast it leaves me breathless. But it is time for me to take the next step in my future. It is once again time to pass the baton.

My experience writing and editing for The Paw Print will hold a special place in my heart as I move on into my future. I will remember this time as a time of learning, gaining experience, and growing confidence.

I feel grateful for this opportunity to help my fellow students reach their writing potential, and I truly hope that each of you has enjoyed your time on The Paw Print as much as I did.

Before I go, I will share my last words of wisdom to the future editors and writers of The Paw Print: never stop writing, and never forget that a pencil can be the mightiest tool you will ever hold.


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