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Words from the Editors

Editor, that’s the last time I’ll be writing that below my name for this publication. It’s bittersweet, as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with the PawPrint. It’s nearly time to move on, and I’ll be missing it dearly.

Graduation is a lot closer than I’d like to admit. Amidst all the stress I’m experiencing with endless amounts of assignments and college applications, Journalism is still the one thing that is bringing me sanity. I just think about how much more I’m going to learn once I transfer and the peace I’ll have living on campus, and I can breathe a little better. Change is hard for me, it has never been an easy thing for me to overcome. But, this is a good, necessary change, and I’m excited about my future.

I’m pretty nervous and scared about transferring, but if I was advising someone else about this topic I would tell them to focus on their dreams and their goals. Remember why you’re doing this and what makes you happy, and it’ll all be worth it.

If you’re just starting at LCCC, enjoy your time here and make sure to be a part of something you love to do. If you enjoy writing or editing, the newspaper can easily be your home; I know it’ll always be mine. These two years go by very quickly, so make it count.


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