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Words From The Editors

As I make my way through my last semester at LCCC, I return to the question of what I want to pursue in life. I decided to start my journey here so I could explore my interests, get out of my comfort zone, and discover what I’m passionate about. After becoming involved with the Paw Print, I realize that it may have been in front of me all along.

Throughout high school, journalism was my favorite part of the school day. I enjoyed every part of the writing process: researching, interviewing, and eventually arranging the pieces into a final draft. I enjoy the struggle of searching for just the right word. The thesaurus is my best friend.

However, my first year of college included very little writing - mostly long, dreadful research papers. As a writer for the Paw Print, and even more so now as an editor, I am reminded of how much I have missed writing about the things I care about.

Working with the Paw Print team has been a wonderful experience so far, and it has led me to realize that I always want to write, wherever I end up. Even though I don’t have a roadmap of where I want to go in life, I feel a sense of reassurance.

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