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Words From the Editor

Cielo Giandomenico I Editor

My time at LCCC will be ending in May, but it won’t be the end of my college experience. I will be transferring to Lock Haven University, a four-year college, in the fall and to finish my last two years.

I love the experience I've had here at LCCC, but it wasn’t what I had planned for when I graduated high school. Due to Covid-19, my first two semesters at LCCC were either on zoom or self-guided learning. I only had one in-person class in my third semester, then three for my fourth and final semester.

Although I'm excited to have other experiences, like living in a dorm residence, I’m scared to leave my safe bubble. I’ve adapted to sitting at my desk in my comfy chair for zoom calls, and just recently I've started going on campus for half the week. However, everything will change when I'm two and a half hours away from home next fall. I won’t be able to quickly and easily go home to my family or access their help when I need it.

As it is, I’m hurrying to fill out the proper forms for transferring. I’ve applied for loans and scholarships, but I still need to apply to live in a dormitory. I won’t register for classes until the summer, but not long after that, I'll be moving into a dorm with a stranger.

Despite my fear of impending change, I’m eager to start a new chapter of my college experience.


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