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Words from the Editor

Kevin Baur | Editor

Sadly, this will be the last time something I have written will be published on The Paw Print. As the semester comes to an end, and I come closer to graduation, the magnitude of this opportunity really comes into perspective. I have had an invaluable chance to improve my skills as a writer and work with some wonderful people here at The Paw Print.

I am extremely thankful not only to Professor Heimann, but to all of the students that make up the journalism class this semester, as well as my fellow editors. All of us have worked together to assemble a medium for students to enrich their school experience. If you ask me, that's worth something.

I won’t go off on any tangent telling you to do this or that, because I really don’t know better than any of you do. All that I will leave you with is my thanks, and wishes of good luck for the coming semesters.


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