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Words From the Editor

Laurisa Gruver | Editor

There are few things so near and dear to my heart as writing. Much of my childhood was spent writing books and stories, most of which I still have today, crammed together in a breaking washbasket. As I grow older, my passion for writing matures into something much more dynamic. I love writing in all its different shapes and forms.

Which is why when I sit down to edit the work submitted to the Paw Print, an eager anticipation fills my mind. I never know what will greet me inside each article, because every person is so different and unique, and their writing reflects that. They say eyes are the window to the soul, but I prefer to say writing is the window into the soul. You can tell so much about someone simply based on their writing. You can catch a glimpse into their mind, understand their thoughts through their word choice, feel their personality through their tone and style.

I’ve done plenty of editing in my own writing, but this chance to edit the work of others has opened a new world. It is a pleasure to help people reach their potential, and I am excited to continue this position throughout the rest of the semester. Writing is a powerful tool, and one of my goals is to help people realize just how powerful it can be.


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