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What the Stars are Saying About Astrology in 2022

Emma Saylor | Writer

Star Signs, moon signs, rising signs, and everything else, of it fits under the umbrella of astrology. But what does this mean today as we all try to figure out our own way?

According to the Pew Research Center, astrology, the study of the positions of stars and the movements of planets in the belief that they influence human affairs, impacts almost 30% of the population.

Here is what some local high school students have to say about astrology.

“I think it could be truthful,” said Tommy Hornberger, a local Whitehall senior… “But I am not really sure if there is proof because I have never tried to get into it.”

Tommy has multiple friends that are really into astrology, and these friends say that there is proof of it and that they believe in it.

”I trust them enough that if they believe in it, it’s probably true,” he said.

Religious groups such as Christians and Catholics oppose astrology, while groups such as Taoist’s categorize themselves based on the date and time that they’re born.

Taoism is a Chinese religion that associates constellations and space with one’s future (The Chinese zodiac). Although they do not pray to a God, they do apply a sense of hope in the future, that they believe is divinely guided by the sky above.

A local high school student feels the same. “Like Religion,” Grace Heffenger, a Whitehall senior, said. “I don’t necessarily need ‘proof’ to believe in astrology. There are examples that solidify the beliefs of astrology, but like any other religion or belief there really isn’t physical proof.”

So, what are the stars saying about astrology in 2022? It is clear that the basis of astrology affects people the way that other common religions do, and that the fundamental principles of astrology are still up for debate.


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