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What is Clubhouse?

Just when you thought social media apps might die off, here comes Clubhouse. You might have heard the name getting thrown around on Twitter by users like Elon Musk or Meek Mill.

Clubhouse is an invite-only, audio-only, chat app for iPhone users. According to the New York Times, the app is currently one of the top ten most popular apps in the app store. In December 2020 the app had 600,000 users. By February 2021, that number climbed to 6 million.

When asked about using the app Elon Musk said, “This is awesome.” So, what’s with all the hype? Clubhouse works by first getting an invite and then setting up an account based on your interest. Once completing the set up you can openly go into chat rooms that hold a maximum of 5,000 people. When in a room you can either raise your hand to speak or just listen to the discussion.

The bigger users of the app usually have their own rooms they moderate and leave open for weeks. In doing so, the rooms become almost like a podcast or Q&A where the audience is brought up at random to talk. As one user put it, “If your voice is not bringing any value, you will not have a significant following.” Knowledgeably speaking on the topic in the room goes a long way for any user, as Clubhouse is built for networking and enabling their users to build conversations to receive job opportunities.

While the future of Clubhouse is uncertain, for now, the app remains untouched by a culture of clickbait and fake accounts. Users report that the value of Clubhouse is unlimited once they’re invited in.


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