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Video Game Streaming Takes Over The Gaming Industry

Dennis Paul | Writer

The video game world has recently been hit by a brand new challenger…STREAMERS.

Over the past few years, especially with Covid-19 taking over the world, people have had one thing on their hands, and that’s time. What better way to kill time than with a controller in hand or sitting at your computer with a headset on and getting some wins in Fortnite or booking your own show in WWE 2k23?

Many gamers have taken their obsession a step further and decided to start broadcasting their gameplay to a wider audience. “The Covid pandemic especially made video game streaming more popular in general, so more and more people started streaming video games at that point,” said Owen Kleckner, a current LCCC student.

Gamers now see streaming as a big source of revenue.

“It’s based on [streaming] being more normalized than it was before; people used to look down on ‘content creating,' and said it wasn't a real job,” said Yohanser Fernandez, an LCCC student.

In today’s market, streaming has become easier and more accessible to players.

“It can provide social experiences, could be entertaining for other players or viewers, it also can allow skilled gamers to play anytime they want to,” said Kleckner,

Fernandez agrees.

“People who play video games already have similarities and a common liking, so when viewers of a particular game see a streamer playing a game they like, they probably tune in and try to interact with the streamer,” he said.

Streaming has also helped grow the Esports community. According to an article by, “Streaming platforms have made it possible for players to compete in online tournaments and leagues, leading to the creation of a new professional gaming scene.”

This has led to an explosion of interest in esports, with more and more companies investing in the industry.

The future looks bright for the gaming and streaming industry. Time will tell what’s next for both casual and professional gamers worldwide.


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