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Use Crystals To Help You Study

Emma Steinmetz | Writer

Picture this: you have a big exam coming up, caffeine pumping through your veins. Papers are scattered over your desk, and you’re reading over scribbled notes. It’s okay. Take a deep breath and grab your fluorite and tiger’s eye.

Certain crystals possess properties that are suited for studying, such as focus, calming, and creativity. According to, crystals are believed to protect and heal as far back as 3000 BCE during ancient Egyptian times. So, if you have a long night of flipping through chem notes or a ten-page essay coming up faster than you thought, then these crystals may be for you.

Let’s begin with mental clarity and focus. These crystals will help you clear your mind:

Fluorite: Clears confusion

Tiger’s Eye: Brings success and gives you determination. Increases focus and helps you stay on task

Pyrite: Helps with information recall and increases memory

If you are nervous for a test or assignment, you can carry these crystals to calm your nerves:

Amethyst: Helps manage fears and anxieties. This stone is also a great one to have with you the night before a big test because it is also a sleeping aid.

Honey Calcite: Gives you confidence and courage

Amazonite: Induces relaxation

If you are working on a project, use these crystals to create a positive and creative environment to work in:

Labradorite: Emphasizes the power of one’s imagination. It increases your creative drive and energy.

Citrine: Aids you in coming up with creative solutions and problem solving. This is a helpful stone for getting out of creative slumps, as it encourages optimism and forward momentum.

Rigby, owner of Little Moth Tea and Crystals, began acquiring crystals his freshman year of high school.

“They really helped me get through that time in my life, and all that they did for me is what inspired me to share their magic with others,” he said.

The next time you have a stressful study session, bring out these eight crystals to create a little bit of magic for your workspace.


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