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Unmindful Meditation

Cloie Hummel | Writer

Meditation, ah, we hear about it every so often in our life. What is it? The first thing that comes to mind is the “Om and ah” while sitting down and trying to focus on not thinking about anything. Sometimes it can feel hard to clear your mind or sit still with all the thoughts about school, work, and life that fills up your brain like a glass of water that you forget to drink. There’s so much to think about but no time to sit and just listen. To listen to the sounds around you and to hear the quiet small noises of life can feel all too real. Meditation is just sitting down and remembering the reality we are in. With a big deep breath, the thoughts settle in a bed far back into your mind and you get to relax again. Life is challenging, we’re all in different stages of our lives but feel the same pressure. Remember to listen to the little things in life that come your way. After all, we are just sitting on a floating rock in space.


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