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Tips for Staying Creative

Laurisa Gruver | Editor

I was never the type of person to suffer from writer’s block. Usually, I can sit down with a pencil and paper and just write or draw with ease… but the pandemic changed that at a time when we all could use a bit of creativity.

In combating my own creative dry spell, I have learned several tips that I would like to share.

1. Look back at your old work. This is my go-to for inspiration. There is something so fascinating about going back to your old projects, whether it be drawings, short stories, or photography, and seeing where your mind was in the past and how much you’ve improved since then. And you never know, you may be able to find some new ideas from your old work.

2. Look up some prompts. If you can’t think of any ideas, let someone else do it for you! There are thousands of creative prompts on the internet that can really get those creative juices flowing.

3. Have the right playlist. Music is a big deal in the creative process. The music you listen to can help create a mood and stimulate new ideas. Personally, I recommend classical music, as you will find a wide berth of different and unique styles. There is something for every project! I also would recommend choosing something from YouTube’s massive library of ambience videos. I often use them to fully immerse myself in whatever scene I am writing or drawing.

Hopefully these tips will help you flourish in your creative processes. And remember to never stop creating!


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