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Tips for Better Time Management

Sophia Shuhay | Editor

As most of you know, college can be a stressful time. The countless assignments, late-night studying, and never-ending projects can easily overwhelm the average student. Luckily, there are several ways a student can achieve a stress-free life. My favorite technique includes practicing good time management… something many college students struggle with.

Going from failing most of my classes to being a straight-A student, I have a few tricks and tips up my sleeve. First, get yourself a yearly planner. Your planner will be your best friend throughout college. Before I had a planner, I relied solely on my memorization skills to keep track of my assignments. I found myself getting in a lot of trouble with this method, so I bought a planner and wrote down my assignments that were due for the next month. Yes, the next month. This may seem excessive; however, it lays a good foundation for organizing your workload.

After you write down your months’ worth of assignments, you must plan when you are going to work on each assignment, down to the exact day and time. This allows one an allotted amount of time to complete every assignment which can significantly decrease stress.

As for my schedule, I plan to start working on my schoolwork by 10 a.m. and complete it by 4 p.m. I plan my weekly schedule in a way that allows me to complete all my work by Thursday night so that I can have a three-day weekend. This allows me to spend time with my friends and family on top of a jam-packed schedule. In addition, this can significantly help students who work jobs as well.


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