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The Webbed Life

Kenny Baptiste | Writer

I feel that as we grow older and transition out of high school, we often forget our old teachers, old lessons, or old friends. As we age, we become entangled in the web called life, and it's easy to get caught up in it. I certainly know I have, and I believe we all may experience this at some point. The strands of everyone's web are different, making it challenging to navigate. As we progress, looking back becomes more difficult, but the difficulty should not deter us from trying.

Even though I'm a student at Lehigh Carbon Community College, I'm also a high school student enrolled in the early college program. Being at a different school and a completely different level of education means I no longer see the people I used to. My focus on studies makes it challenging to keep in touch when their schedules differ from mine. Honestly, college is tough and it becomes even harder without someone to lean on. However, being caught in your own web doesn't mean you can't connect with others.

We all have our own webs, representing our past, present, and future. The strands of our webs can pose challenges as we develop, but seeking help from others is not impossible. Though it's difficult, connecting with those old strands may not be as bad as it seems.


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