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The Value of a Physical Photograph

Eleonora Hiotis | Writer

“Hold on let me find that picture” is a statement that many of us hear when someone is looking for a photo on their phone. But when was the last time you heard someone say that before running to open a photo album?

For those pictures on our phones, are they on display somehow? Other than on social media, they are usually not.

In our grandparent’s homes, there are often pictures everywhere and albums collecting dust that we don’t look at. Every once in a while those albums may be reopened and looked through to reminisce on past years and accomplishments.

The joy found in looking at physical photos isn’t one that necessarily can be compared to looking through our phones. The style of photos and the times may have changed, but physical photos have preserved moments in a time long before our digital age.

Not that a digital photo does not preserve a moment in time but the physicality of a photo provides that element of reality to these events from our past.

As more people enjoy the art of photography many look to the film style and have the opportunity to create a more material form of art instead of only a digital one. The excitement of these film photos is now a novelty, as polaroid or disposable cameras are being bought.

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