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Pandemic Casts Cinema as Hero

Kipp Tonkin | Writer

The way we watch movies has changed drastically in the past few years due to the convenience that technology offers consumers.

Although cinemas have been open since the 19th century, the classic popcorn and projector are not the only way movies can be viewed anymore. Streaming movies has become the prevalent choice ever since the COVID pandemic began in 2020, and it is not showing signs of going away any time soon.

According to the website Statista, 70% of individuals preferred streaming over going to the cinema with only 14% of that group stating they had no preference.

While studios and producers continue to benefit from streaming services, cinemas are the businesses losing sales to these platforms.

Ashley Collins from the Mahoning Valley Cinema has noticed that the recent COVID pandemic has left a lasting negative impact on small-town cinema.

“I think the streaming services had more to do with the impact because people could just watch at home,” Collins said. “But, I am slowly seeing that streaming services are not going to be doing that anymore, so it should go back to normal.”

Collins is optimistic and believes that the past few years of sickness and streaming were only a minor inconvenience.

Profit is profit, and even though streaming services can spend millions to keep certain movies to themselves, hundreds of movies are made each year, meaning there is plenty to go around.

Movies show no sign of stopping and if companies are able to make a few million dollars by releasing through the cinema, they will, and cinemas will continue to lower their lights, turn off their cameras, and provide audiences with big screen action.


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